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What is a Kolache?

Kolaches originated in Central Europe. A semi sweet wedding dessert, Czech bakers dolloped fruit onto the middle of a puffy pastry. Kolaches were a hit, becoming an Eastern European classic.

Coming to America

Kolache found popularity in America when Czech immigrants made their way to Texas. Here, kolaches took on uniquely American styles, as chefs experimented with not only new sweet fillings, but also introduced savory ingredients like sausage, beef and chicken. For the same reasons the sandwich became a staple of the American diet, so too have kolaches. Their variety, speed and affordability paired with their light weight and easy to hold structure made them the ideal road food for the expansive highways of Texas.


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American Kolache

Our kolaches are never made in a factory. Crafted fresh every morning using our own secret dough recipe and as many local ingredients as possible, our kolaches are the perfect way to start your day, enjoy for lunch or surprise the office. Offering both sweet and savory fillings, there is something for everyone. We have a deep commitment to using local ingredients and we currently partner with several local companies. Check out these local partners on our partners page.

As an independently owned and operated company, we constantly experiment with new flavors and combinations, and are not beholden to a corporate headquarters. If you have any ideas for kolaches, we'd love to talk.


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